Will I

I find it strange to say this loud,

man I got to say it proud.

For if I not speak of this I know,

then do I hit my heart to blow.

There is always strange things appeal,

never did I know they heal.

If I would take this name,

would I ever feel the same.

To take a stand on firm belief,

will there ever be relief.

So I guess may never know,

how this story goes.

Is that I may leap another leap,

and trust what's in my soul and weep.

Now if this is not strange to you I see,

I will let this thought to flee.

If this sense I see and know,

may the greatness always show.

Sometimes it's not all good and great,

to think of what is on my plate.

So will I shout what has revealed,

or will I walk another day sealed.

When that time I'm standing there,

my heart will not feel troubled nor fear.

I trust that when it sure to be,

I will let the words set free.

Endurance is my part to strive and paved,

it will be all worth it to see a life be saved.

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