There I sat calm and spoke from within

the words and feelings in my heart to

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I ask why I was placed in my family and

surrounded by close friends who does not

believe in you.

As the tears filled my eye's and drizzled

down my face, the sadness I felt

was like a heavy rock that fell upon my


Is there something I am supposed to do

Father, am I supposed to help them.

Then I saw what look like a small circle

of light forming into a large cross in

which appeared upon center of a large hill.

That was so fresh of green grass.

Then appeared two men that looked like

Sheppard’s holding tall sticks.

There clothes were with color and one

seemed to be like a giant. He had red hair,

and beard. The other seemed to be the

same size as though his imaged appeared

more distant to me.

As I was seeing this image God was saying

not to worry I am with you, just keep going

and calling on me I will be with you.

Then He said get up and go quickly.

My own thought not literal meaning of this,

not fully sure.

Some how I was lead to the book of Genesis

to the two brothers and why the resemblance

of the one brother seemed more evident in the

vision is that we are born with a choice an by

that choice we make a decision that could change

the outcome of our lives. In that one brother by right

had a choice to follow God but did not care

carelessness to accept his right in what was offered

first was not a priority.

For his pleasures were in the flesh and not by the spirit

his hunger determined his loss and his heart knew nothing

Probably God was saying it is not up to you to change

there hearts, maybe by keep walking in my faith

in Jesus that may those in my close circle see and begin

to question of what is in there hearts.

Hopefully one day this image will become more clearer,

either it does or not, I trust in Jesus with my whole

heart. By that choice, I will continue to walk and continue

to learn more and never be satified, keep learning. Always look

for truth and seek in all things with love to the very end.

Grow in all I know and live an breath what is in my heart

and that to me is a truth I have come to know.

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