I Lost Myself

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I Lost Myself

Somewhere along the line. 

Wondering weather one day, I could ever define...who I am...and myself again. 


I lost myself 

And somewhat glad I did. 

From all the things I hid from you. 

You called my name...and told me to keep pushing through. 

Even when I felt like, I would never make it through. 

You stood by my side even when, I questioned why.

Through my lies...you knew the truth. 

I trust you...:) 

And now I see...

That all I been through, has brought me closer to you. 

Everyday I want to know more about you. 

Learn about, what was before me and what's in store. 

I see that, you uphold the the truth and everything. 

I lost myself 

And somewhat glad I did. 

From what I did and said 

And From what  you have done and have continued to do. 

And From what you have said and have continued to say. 

I can now Trust you. 

To lead me. 

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