forever waiting

Forever waiting...


Waiting for someone to really want me.


Waiting for someone to really love me.


Waiting for someone to accept me for who i am.


But could i even let someone want me love me and accept me if i truly love them.


I couldnt.. so ill be forever waiting.


Forever dreaming.


Deemed unlovable by god..


I think ill stop waiting.


I think ill stop hoping.


I think ill stop dreaming.


But then what would i have..


Faith keeps me living.


Fait has already killed me.


I believe i have a purpose.


I am strong for a reason.


So again ill wait..


Wait for an answer..




Sitting and hoping and dreaming and waiting...


Keeping me alive..






For fait to stop the waiting and the hoping and the dreaming..


Proving forever is nonexsistant

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