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The poetry is just an excuse to hide the forceful advertising and the pay to post policies integrated and pushed by the owner of the site. In more than one occasion I had to stop payments from my credit card directed from AP and the only justification from the owner was "you can cancel anytime".

It's a shame how this travesty still goes on. If you are serious about poetry look further

Attention poets and aspiring writers! Search all you want, but you'll never find anything like this interactive literary community. Trust me. I've tried!

Being a member and staff greeter for over 7 years on this remarkably fortified poetry website, I have witnessed first hand the many options for all writers geared for beginners as well as successfully published writers at all levels.

Kevin Watts, the brilliant site manager, started this as a project in 1999 with the flair

for not only giving poets and story writers what they want, but supplying every tool to help them cultivate and strengthen their individual gifts and goals.



There are classes, contests, fun activities, rewarding commentaries and publishing opportunities that will encourage everyone to contribute. Small groups of common interest and all levels of critiquing are available in every category of writing. Showcasing one's work is only a CLICK away by using an accumulative bank of  'points'  accrued by  commenting on others and winning contests. These points are used as tokens for this and many other site privileges.  Moderators are available as well as an internationally-staffed Help Desk to answer questions.

My reward? Besides having the pleasure of doing what I love the most, I've made many friends and linked up with prolific writers that led me to being published more than 5 times from this website alone.  I'm inlcuded in at least 4 poetry publications internationally.

If I tell you too much, you'll just be overwhelmed and won't see the pananorama of all its bells and whistles.

A must for anyone who wants a literary dreamscape at their fingertips!

Bookmark this one forever: http://www.allpoetry.com