Conjunction Junction What's Your Function





your poem throws me right into a nostalgia for it. The title of the poem alone captivates the reader and by the time one reaches the end of your beautiful verse, one feels the prairie in one's pocket. Simple down-to-earth images of "turkey", "rusty plumes" and "that other earth" in the poet's mind are not only powerful, but add a sense of humor, including that of carrying the earth in your pocket, which is part of your mindset. In fact, the poem does not only seed the earth inside the poet's mind, but, indeed, in the minds of his readership. Which is what a great poem does. The poet's exceptional craftsman is attributable to the subtlety, simplicity and imagery which make the verse flow and speak for itself :










today I exist through a heros twist paid fully to resist


inside of me grips the portion of sullen apathy...




Cuba is getting a bit colder after Castro took over


the in tuned harmony to its hidden beast reality




shelter through the leaves


taking over as you please




each haunted day we beg to borrow the need to pray...


fashionable Michelle Obama




silent through a fixture plain from deep enough to take over inside


conjunction junction what's your function




bargain basement blues


the set of Huey Lewis & The News,


a bunch of sprinkled dust scattered through the wind


late night bid in cell block 9 in prison,




those were the days getting caught in a purple haze


spot a high five to humbly keep your faith alive,


shadows break way from the frenzy within