The Avengers

The Avengers




toss in the towel


still to know all the great while


the system was slightly broken


a common word lest spoken


through thunder lips one could abyss


hidden sorrow through the loosened tricks,




seasoned with salt coming apart in the text


with words confessed


dirty laundry there goes the up stream


helpless, hopeless & agreed




shattered complex to the knees


the folks learned through the breeze


the national news coming across as you choose


a barber with shoes knock apart your blues




the avengers sharpened forever




we live, laugh & love


through the honest streets of gold


spare the word of time let go


bust up the beat onto its best tempo




see the timbers from storming nature


the desire affection in the ocean magic potion


love the benefit of affection from common dressing


trading spaces mass infection with used attention




The Avengers come clear an angel imparts to freeze


suckers in the motion to pretend


at close to defend within waiters end


a special pardoning vent




onto each section of the main gates phenomial preachers gather


behind its squeeky wheel a game of make believe,


see the notion of peace while you grief cheddar cheese


humbled by the cement blocks that oppose the gate farewell to please




fly by night on a distant right...,


pillows through Autumn billows fried to check


columns of minature but not forgotten smoke


since when do you Vape make no mistake




the parting confession from here to steal