today was in store a memory for more stop at your whole in the wall store


fashioned for energy folks equip for letting go through the window see;


hardened inside a New York mile wait for the minutes crown the dial a little wild


grip your hand from the great beyond addressed with vinegar from the great beyond


self settled for the mark turned ever bit right chosen to fight


beneath the swell the saturation let it be,

Today is the only day you will get so tomorrow forget in the asylum of faith
each day let it surface to noon in the bluest of a lagoon you moved to soon
faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things to come
let your heart be renewed in the sequence of a song burgers are on
M.C. risen to the delight of the song can't we all just get along
rap to the rhyme to the rhyme of reason in the changing of the season
filled with vinegar we have a winner don't call me late for dinner
cooler hands will prevail its time to set sail,

gather together in us the weather formed we treasure at the river
cold hearts etched with fear why should I care somthing in the air why we care
Romeo & Juliet in eternity,,,
strong to the nectar bumble bee
the times they are a changing can't you see,
balance for power hour of power
slide to the hand as your busy by the hour,




thanks for those that came to compose a hidden garden of peace so sirene and solemn


fashioned from the notion of risk set apart at the swing bridges scream


Today set in prism glow of things you ought to know


swollen fetters in far off places leaving traces