The Hobbits

1797 the town of Griswold, London
in back of the banks lived a wizard who wanted the world better
he delighted in a decorated orb which his fashioned around his neck
the shadows of light perfumed its hidden ambiance
away from the passerbyers exposed through the trees
there it lied a hidden city with tiny hobbits and a haunting
a bat with vicious fangs that bite hanging down
the wizard had his friends for he was never alone
until that day a great storm took the hobbits away
this much he prayed for the willingness to go on with song
London was hit hard on that fallen day where creatures left
eyes with holes having spots hearts to unfold its vigil
buried beneath the city was led wth thirst to create a common attack

there was a warlock by the wizard with a crystal ball lead to discover
the hobbits were still alive just left in a world caught between space & time
He who gave the lordship unto man, over the earth
Declared that man must rule the earth with Love.
But man has sold his consciousness of what's right
And soon forgot about the boundlessness of Love.
Now man could see naught, but to gratify the self,
Which brought about dominance over all the earth.
Enchained the earth, including self, in shackles bright,
Then sing our songs of freedom; songs without Love