Emo B 979

there came up from the projects a Brooklyn youth


holding anger in his eyes he came at a big surprise


with two turn tables with a mic he was ready for a fight


rattle his cage at such an early age all in a haze


piercing back the flames lest I rearrange the all fame game


getting better then most he was lost as a seagull was on the coast


until the day he paid a visit with the savior now he's fined tailored


thinking of a higher power its the hour of power makes him take a hot shower


the important thing he never forgot his roots now he's a loose as a caboose




see ya on the flip side squeeze out spreading his disease as busy as a bee


one hand on the mike sorry that her missed her Twisted Sister it's a brave new world


Emo B in the place to be making sweet rhymes making history


yet for Emo he again lost his way being frail he caved into the system


selling a kilo of cocaine to an under cover cop now he hops


to cell block 979 today he stands in line but for the system you can kiss his fat behind


Emo still raps as in a Big Mac attack shooting out flames of gold as you suppose


then one cold morning Emo left for heaven standing in line no more he safely evened the score


although he had such a short life he was gone too soon


his memory reflected back to that late morning in June


Emo be good no doubt your still around playing your favorite song


that's my heart right their