The legend of Papi Mario Vitale

he came to us on a woven beaded hamoc as a flower bedded excursion taunt to the sun


there was a man among men who would deliver a specific message to the masses with lashes


planted as a tiny seed in his mother Ann's womb soon she would realize such potential of course,


Nestled in the very fabric of his existence stood out his loving resilence to persevere further


at the moment of his birth a prophetic nurse took him in his arms and starred up to the ceiling


alone she further testified about a life that Papi Mario would lead chosen to succeed




In time he would climb up the altar to be baptized as a Christian believer in Christ


Vitale succumbed to many years of learning from his grand old grandma named Lena


long ago he learned he was a faithful companion he eats with me he walks with me


learn to take nothing too seriously to be detached to the things of this world surreal


his heart was an opened door waiting to be explored further in time he would shine


at the tender age of nine he was led to recieve Jesus as savior which he vowed to oblige


through the tender seeds planted in his head he would tell others of the Lord Jesus Christ




Becoming an altar boy for seven years he fell back with woven tears to calm all fears


at age 16 he wanted to kill himself because of bad acne experience try to hang himself with a noose...


Vitale sprang loose on his caboose but that episode back fired he lived through it you see


Rap music was in his head from the streets of N.Y.C. took a trip there when he was young having a bit of fun,


Over time he would shine telling others of his visions in the sky about the figure of Jesus


some may have dismissed this but he was the real thing a heart filled with gold


there were moments under the sun when he would become a body builder even entering competitions,




A challenge to be free was a question of time Papi Mario was in full bloom acting in high school...


had gone through a jailed experience that he wanted to dismiss this addage of thought


Got help through his anxiety and all bridges were being crossed working on his rhymes


Rap was in his genes throughout the music scene many were led to believe he would achieve


Any man with a dick can make a baby but it takes a real man to raise a child


therefore gain wisdom with all thy getting gain understanding




Today he still takes his message to the streets the thought of love from above


every coward dies a millions death but the righteous dies but one


Papi Mario has addressed his message toward the masses no one gets by on any free passes


we all have choices one's human heart can't beat something it clearly won't learn to persevere


I shed a single tear to help numb its inner pain let me explain try to reach out to your higher power,


Use tender words in the moment this is my heart felt message to the mass populace.


Rap is here to stay so never wander nor decay if things don't turn out your way Papi Mario is here to stay,


Love is the mere essence of my existence learn to shun each attempt on a resistance