you hit a tender nerve as if you haven't already heard


there are some forces behind the scenes in evil schemes


having thought provocative lucid dreams of hay


you got to earn your respect today so don't daily


heavy hearts are being torn in the night living by sight


the soul is closed to every notion of love


a heavy hand bleeds as it releases its seed


as the farmer plants his crop floks today want to act like a cop


they police up and down the scene with their twisted ways.


some folks like with a silver spoon lost inside their blue lagoon


we all need to come together to cherish each other


like a man looks to his lover kind of under cover


but no matter what the weather you can stand tall as light as a feather




Aretha Franklin sang of its message


other artists followed suit


we can claim its great call if we stop pretending we are the know it all


a good cause to smile cause its contagious


society today is getting outrageous


one foot in heaven while the other is in hell


yet I got a very good story to tell


such as the farmer waiting for his crop to grow


we must bust up the beat and increase the tempo


this is a sure fire way to tell you which way you should go