Hard On



beautiful beyond description in light of illumination


falling head long into a stream with whisper that evoke a taste


my very soul permeates the lavish cadence of a thought


gone our the days I used to frolic in a haze


a challenge to be free is a question of time


each of us should know how to handle their vessel


we treasure our private parts with humble adoration


a soul vex torn illustration




we seek solace as in a song


join hands in the mix can't we all just get along


like the stream we have created idols for our own pleasure


what gets you hard minus the pleasure of the weather


for I'm as light as a feather as in the sandy shore


while your our kicking it with a two bit whore screaming for more


yet more of what we put that book on the shelf as if were the spitting image of a Keebler elf




you maybe sporting a suit out in the business world


looking very pretty as you paint the city


you may have to call security cause you life is a mystery


you got a hard on so sound the alarm where the ladies are quite fond


dig much deeper then ever before with a willingness to explore so much more


one step at a time you will climb out of the corporate scene to a brand new swing


theres a battle for your mind you see we shall live it out in perfect harmony