Step Off




homeboy got capped in the knee


out in the streets


let the truth be told


where as years ago


with Grandmaster P


he was born in the gutter


his momma was a whore


selling her junk in the trunk


in back of the liquor store


screaming more more more


raised my his aunt named Mable


feeding her dog Rex underneath the table


as time went by so very fast


having every reason to ask


the spin off the hook was the great climax




in time he learned to relax


to bask in the vast expanse


cause he got the hook up


two turn tables with a mic


sold a lot of weed to get that sweet


getting he ass kicked in a neighborhood bar


still spinning records the best he can


"Step off" with his reply whenever he was tested


his life reflected a reason to believe in rap


a willingness to achieve


that was until a gang banger put a bullet through his head


shot him dead so they thought


now he was in a hospital bed face full of lead


there he suffered in complete silence


amidst all the pain & violence


tubes in his veins lying there dead


then came a pulse


next a heart beat


his eyes suddenly opened


folks thought he was only joking


came fully to his senses


with eyes twitching




spoke his first words, "Step Off"


then we all knew he was alive and kicking


then he gazed at the streets looking for the one that did this


instead of violence he sought forgiveness even to the thug that struck him down


Master B was right back in the studio


rapping & capping


he found love as a sure fire way to go


that was years ago so today he still preaches to the masses


always teaching on love and his free passes


"Step Off" is still his slogan but he's got a new boss now


can't turn back when your hands on the plow




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