Rap it up I'll take it




It's a new thing, makes you wanna swing


While us MC's rap, doin' our thing


It's not singin' like it used to be


No, it's rappin' to the rhythm of the sure shot beat


It goes one for the money, two for the show


You got my beat, now here i go


I start to think and then I sink


into the paper like I was ink


When I'm writing I'm trapped in between the lines


I escape when I finish the rhyme


Woke up this mornin


About half past three


All the women's in town


Was gathered round me


Sweet gals was a moanin


Sylvester's gonna die


And a hundred pretty mamas


bowed there heads to cry


six in the morning


police at my door


fresh Adidas squeak


Across my bathroom floor


Out my back window


i made my escape


Don't even get a chance


To grab my old school tape


some call it fate but I arise


with my head held high in the sky


a kiss on my cheek to help me get by


rap it up I'll take it


in the midnight hour the hour of power


some may have to take a cold shower


got my stereo blasting but I'm still asking


for prayers with a lot of layers


have something to share


thank God i'm still here