Riders on the storm

Riders On The Storm






at the saloon he blew his top that day a brave soul caught beneath the undertow


we filed into the road on horse back with our gun in the back


heads were swearing up in down as he frowned didn't want to be around


got spurs on my shoes with sweat on my hat the brow permeates an odor


whiskey woman have take me by the hand it was the time we took our stand


so we made our way out on a barrenn path together as riders on the storm


it was coming quick but we kept treading along singing our song


we were back in the saddle again with very close knit friends


a snake suddenly crossed our path was headed side ways


on our way to inter pass number nine with our steel wheel reserve


the storm kept on brewing but we knew what we were doing


folks in these sticks live as hide away hicks getting lost in its fix


a slip of the hand let me help you understand we were a wolf pack head together






was it a mirage we looked ever closer as our horses investigated the odor


we were headed south and the interpass was near a friend took a piss in some clearing


there in the distance stood the sign of inter pass nine we were finally there


one toke over the line sweet Jesus we made it home fine


we were the riders on the storm like a dog without its bone


now was a time of celebration for we made it to our destination


we needed to take a break on a long awaited vacation


just then an evil man pulled out his gun shot some of our men dead


what was going on inside his head had a face full of lead


yet we got revenge and shot him down


never again will I be so king to a stranger in exchange shot us blind