Sad Eyes



there's a highway bound for glory


just the beginning or the start of its story


we search for truth out of a garbage can


one blade of grass swaying in the wind


where do I even begin again


there are lines being drawn in the sand


when will we ever understand


the Willow tree sways in the wind


golden nuggets of thoughts to gather


prepare for the great here after


as the sound of glass shatters




Sad eyes look the other way


stay inside never to come out to play


we built are city of rock & roll


through the roll of the dice


with the beat of the tempo


telling me where it is to go


yet deep inside we want to run and hide


to afraid to expose our true selves


perhaps you want to put that book back on its shelf


when will we ever learn


one soul soars while the other will burn


its a choice we make whether we win or lose


now which pathway in life will you choose ?