We May Never Pass This Way

We May Never Pass This Way




the close of the day


out on the patio


we stare at the wall


covered from the mere notion of regret


there is a deeper meaning in this place


to equate logic for fear


for I shed a single tear to help numb its inner pain


harken onto the moment in my thoughts


crumb cakes with granola bars left for snacks


the garden you had pulled the weeds back


the fertile soil permeates the fragment of its land fertlization


we humbly tred upon solace the thoughts will last


shelter lies dormant amidst its beckoning plow


still I need a shoulder to cry on


the Martini that you drank last night at the bar


sdt pitter patter of glasses clasping together


snap shot moments in my head




golden nuggets of wisdom that come from a higher source


the scope of the sun has tainted my inner vision


a soul vexed in its derision


we may never pass this way


time goes by so very fast


all those good moments you hope that they would last


no other better way then to bow the knee to pray


others might insist it ought not be that way


yet for today send a chill down the spine


heads today are in the walking blind


make sure you don't ever be left behind