The Leatherman

many years ago let the truth unfold
one man who lived as a hermit
wearing nothing but leather all around him
had walked many miles in New England
he had thoughts of wild excursion in the sun
but what kept him alive was his deep quest for knowledge...

he survived many years ago
had a stone cave in Watertown, Ct
when rarely seen out in public he would often grunt something with French dialact
looking for every sort of food he could find

his only means of transportation was to walk to his destination...
he was sometimes miles in the woods far from public roads,
Way out in the middle of no where

he created a human obstacle course that was his very own...
many miles he would then roam
on his various stops people would often leave food,

Always seemed to be in a very good mood
walked his trail until the very day he died
the tale of the leatherman has arrived.