Burning Desire For More Yet What

Burning Desire For More Yet What ?




each of us is in the same cage here


for we shed some tears with empty beers


what will calm all are hidden fears


we desire more but yet what


icons of moving pictures with drifters


long time socialites with laughter


never to prepare for the great here after


shoulder to shoulder we cry on each other


is it any wonder we are all taken under


we bitch, pout & scream


living in a land so very mean


stuff gets pushed underneath the rug


yet we still wonder why were even here


i shed a single tear to help numb the inner pain


not having her in my arms was driving me insane


the twilight sun has tainted my inner vision


for I am on a sold out mission


piecing things together under the weather


we so often will treasure


a night in Autumn in Paris


to tresure a red rose that was plucked a time before


the duration of time has created a rhyme


inside we hide behind four walls that bind


it's the blind leading the blind


soon some will be forever left behind


yet we are created and crafted from a great design


in time we shall shine


this s the end of my rhyme