Stick In The Mud

you hear voices through the veins of unearthed societal rampage
a whole host of angels driving us forward filtered through the solace of my mind
the tempter deals in the fade to black notion of reality
we swerve to release are final testament
eyes today with spots having holes living by sight
viscous long hanging fangs that bite dripping blood off side
we embrace the arts only as a filter for are own selfish agenda
lines are being drawn in the sand when will we ever live to understand
the grass withers and the clouds will fade
still I feel I'm a stick in the mud with no love
although it may appear that way on the outside I choose to run away hide
in my vast dreams with kings & queens
block the silence from my fragile egg shelled mind
the crucifix is for those who are willing to tast faith's reality
as they live in a land of make believe
through the vast correlation of a dream where people scream
drawn out the silence with a bit of violence
only to bask in the vast expanse between space & time
why does one equate logic for free for I shed a tear to numb the pain
not having love in my heart is driving me insane like life in the fast lane
we have come this close not to turn back now
can't ever let go when your hands on the plow
still I feel I'm a stick in the mud
sweeping things under the rug
life gives you a shove
inside we hide behind four walls that bind
its the bling leaders of the blind
although at times I feel as a social outcast but that soon will pass
through a variation in a dream you can draw people in
wearing decorated masked a face filled with laughing gas
you may think your having a blast by not fearing the reaper
but your day will certainly come the books will be opened
the verdict will be read for the walking dead
a challenge to be free is a question of time my one solution is using my mind
living on the edge and its going to my head sitting up at night all alone in bed
following the rainbow to the sky I see a vision of you pass me by
Our war were in is almost over its hard to believe I lost my lover
but soon you will discover the notion of madness ensues
what hurts you the most is it in pain