The Kids


Pulling up
Pretty sure it will go ok,
Seeing the kids
Running around,
Joking with the hose.
They're happy.
Atleast on the outside.
They're broken.

Me and another,
Waiting outside.
The kids run over,
"Are you the new volunteers?!"
They scream.
We kinda just nod our heads
And suddenly,
We're getting hugs
From all around.

Seeing those kids,
And seeing how they know
How much we already care about them,
Was enough
To never want to leave them.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just started my volunteer hours for school at a home for abused women and children to go to and it was just difficult seeing those kids and knowing someone had hurt them. Plus it was kind of personal reason why I chose this place to volunteer (we stayed in one while I was a baby). I cant wait to go back next week but at the same time Im scared to go.

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