When I was only a kid,
Marriage was a fantasy.
I was going to find a guy,
Someone tall,
Someone handsome,
Someone to treat me right.
I was gonna find him
Before I graduated high school.
And he would fall for me
And never stop.

When I was 10,
Marriage became my simile
For heartbreak.
I realized guys only stuck aroind
For so long.
And my fantasy?
Was just that,
A fantasy.

Guys came
And they went.
They promised forever
But gave me never.

Then you came along.
You've made me happy
Since day one,
Your eyes promised me
What no other guys would,
You watch me
Like I need constant protection,
You hold me
Like I'm gonna float away.
You changed my mind
And if you asked me
To marry you
Right here and right now,
I would say

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