the way


The way you look at me
(like nothing can come between us),
The way you hold my hand
(like your never gonna let go),
The way you always call
(like you cant go a night without talking),
The way you twitch yourself to sleep
(like you want to stay awake),
The way you slowly wake up
(like you don't want to leave your dream),
The way you rub my back
(like you don't want to forget I'm just yours),
The way you massage my neck
(like you know it hurts when your not around),
The way you pay for everything
(like the perfect gentleman you are),
The way you smile at me
(like your proud I'm yours),
The way you wrap your arms around me
(like you wont ever let go),
The way you still kiss me after you try to say goodnight
(like you don't want to go),
The way you always make me laugh
(like you cant stand to see me without a smile),
The way you make me feel so safe
(like you'll keep my secrets),
All made me fall
So deeply tot you.

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