In Memory of Syl

A life of trials
All her days
But to her credit
Never lost her faith.

To times were hard
She perservered
Fighting to the end
Never shed a tear.

Fearlessly protective
Of daughter and son
Made sure they had
When she had none.

The last years
In horrible pain
The Lord granted a prayer
To come home again.

We are but pilgrims
In this land
Of this we are sure
She understands.

Be prepared for
Your last day
So she sees you in heaven
Is what she prayed.

Rest in peace
Our beloved Syl
Meet us at the gate,
Be there we will.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of my Mother-in-law, Sylvia Huhn (Dec 1923 - Aug 2010). May she rest in peace in her savior's arms.

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