Sean Asks Seina To Meet His Mom

Seina, it is almost Christmas

Can we go pick out a ring?

It would make a great Christmas present

It would make my heart sing.

Am I crazy about you?

On that you can bet

Do you think you would

Feel comfortable meeting

My family yet?

Christmas break is coming up,

It would only be a couple hours drive up,

We could spend a day or two,

It is totally up to you.

My mom is alone this year,

Dad is deployed, I am the only one near.

If it is too soon, I understand,

But I would like to be with you if I can.

We can go up for just one day…

Longer if you would like to stay.

I can show you around,

We aren’t big city, just a quaint little town.

I can’t stay very long

Major paper due after break

Mom won’t think it wrong

If my leave I must take.

Think about it,

I have to run.

Six chapters of anatomy to read

Gotta git’er done.

See ya.

By huck hickson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The love affair continues.

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