Sean Goes to Seina

Seina where are you,

Josie, tell me, tell me do.

My head kept telling me, “No!”

But my heart said, “Go!”

Oh, Seina, I know proposing was not cool,

Please forgive this love struck fool.

Josie, you are her best friend,

Tell me, this isn’t the end.

Get a message to her that I am a broken man

And would do anything to have her hand,

But I realize it is sudden like,

That my mouth ran like a flooding dike.

Please Seina, come back to me,

I promise to not ask again until you are ready.

Don’t think I have gone around the bend,

For if I lose you, it will spell my end.

Josie, can you tell her for me,

Tell her I love her and my heart will never be free.

Can you tell me where she is at?

Can you or will you do that?

I understand she needs some space,

Her doubts I don’t want to leave a trace.

After it is done and told,

I want her to join with me as one to make a whole.

© 2008 huck hickson (All rights reserved)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After a brief hiatus, the saga continues. for the rest of the story.

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