Standing on the Rock

Mama taught me upon the rock to stand

But as I grew to be a man

Sin eroded it away to shifting sand.

I never forgot how safe and secure

While on that rock, I stood so sure.

Now as I near the end,

I am clawing my way back

to that rock again.

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, that is true,

But Lord, I have never forgotten You.

I know my life has been a disappointment

and I have no excuse,

But Lord I pray for forgiveness,

And with the time I have left,

Your work I will do.

I know it is late and I deserve it not,

Lord I am not much but will give you all I have got.

Forgive me I beg as this lost ship comes to dock,

And once more I stand safe and secure on the rock.

© 2008 huck hickson (All rights reserved)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Christian begging forgiveness to return to the fold.

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