Feed Me


Seventy-three seconds before the shuttle Challenger died,

Sending seven astronauts on their heavenly ride.

It happened on my wife’s birthday making it a real bummer,

Til I realized that in those seventy-three seconds, twenty died of hunger.

Billions upon billions spent going into space,

While we can’t feed our human race.

Would not the billions be better spent,

Redirecting flood waters to the drought bent?

Would it not be better to keep the billions here at home,

than throwing it in the black hole of the unknown?

Our bibles teach, “As you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto me.”

Is this what we want for a legacy?

Feed our people, get off of fossil fuels too,

Clean up our planet for our children and their children too.

The war on terror is like trying to catch a bull,

Chase it all day, or put down food to make his belly full.

People will turn to those who provide for their needs,

Security, Shelter, and food to feed.

Non-muslims are missing this vital fact,

And until they do, organizations like al Qaeda will act.

They give to the poor and food for their belly,

Keep them in darkness without a tele,

They give them homes, which is right,

Is it any wonder, the recipients would not fight?

There is something to be said for, “fat, dumb, and happy.”

You only have to look at that starving child to feel really crappy.

So as you are enjoying your Christmas cheer,

remember the picture here.

Make a resolution to find a way,

To get food to the starving to hopefully save.

God will bless you for all you give,

for one child more to live.

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