If Trees Could Talk

If trees could talk

What would they say?

Thrilling tales of yesteryear,

Of a lifetime passed in a day.

Would it be of native Americans

Running free,

Of the white man coming,

Of slavery?

Would there be tales

Of how they survived fire and flood?

How the animals ate at them

For nourishment and food?

How they managed to survive

The long cold winter nights,

Their resisting attacks

By voracious termites.

Oh the history they have seen,

In their lifespan,

From covered wagons,

And endless inhumanity of man.

Never knowing peace,

Or when their lives would end,

As firewood to heat a home,

Or as paper for the constitution.

Yes, the tales they could tell,

Could inspire and chill as well.

The amazing amount of history,

It is they that have the story.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trees could tell some interesting stories as they are the embodiment of history.

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