The Dragons Kiss Part V - The Lady Exits Stage Right

Composite from Gurps Dragons and Google Search

My lady Oh so fair,

What is it that you seek there?

I am not sure, I think a man,

But it may be a dragon.

He was here one time you see,

When the fearsome dragon was me.

He freed me from the evil spell,

With his kiss that was so swell.

He took the spell upon himself to set me free,

He could not bear keeping me.

So he gave me my freedom and flew away,

Unselfishly, is why I search for him today.

My dear lady, it is abundantly clear,

That the one of whom you speak is not here

Hmmm. Let me think, I do recall,

A dragon was slain in France way last fall.

Oh, no! could it really be he?

Don’t really matter ma’am, he’s dead you see?

If this is true, I don’t want to live,

For such a brave man his life to give.

It must have been love that he died for,

I will love not, forever more.

Until that day in the hereafter

When he and I will share laughter,

I will remain his so pure,

Until death brings my final cure.

Then together we will be

For all eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

By popular request...had to do one more to tie up what happened to our lady. I think she went to a convent until she could be rejoined with her hero in heaven.

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