I Miss You Daddy


You are not here to see me graduate,

But I know you are at heaven’s gate,

Watching as the aisle I walk

And give our graduation talk.

I worked hard for you and God

To be top of the class Summa Cum Laude.

I know you would be proud of me,

Cause mom won’t let me forget, see?

Daddy, though we are far apart

I feel you here, here in my heart.

It is just like you said in your letter,

Close my eyes and call your name

And you would be there.

Mom kept reminding me,

How much you loved us two,

Wanting to keep us free,

And our ownselves be true.

I love you Daddy and I miss you so,

They are calling my name now,

I have to go.

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Follow-on to Dear Baby Girl

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