It Comes Down to This


Your life comes down

To your name on a piece of stone.

National monument, or personal,

You will lie there alone.

You will see the day you were born,

And the day you passed on,

But the dash in between is

For what you will have to atone.

Did you go through life,

Just getting by?

Did you help your fellow man,

Did you even try?

Did you fight for that,

Which was right?

Was it for freedom, that

You fought and died?

To those who gave their lives,

Leaving orphaned children and widowed wives.

We honor you and pray it was not in vain,

That our governments will feel the pain.

That wars will not have to be fought again,

That we won’t have to hear the wail

Of children and see widow’s tears falling like rain.

Life goes on

You are there alone.

Sleep that ageless sleep,

Silent vigil we keep.

Tho’ we are far apart,

The fire of freedom

Burns in our hearts.

As long as we have breath,

We will preserve freedom to the death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thank you to the brave men and women who fight for freedom from tyranny and have paid the ultimate price. Thank you to the brave men and women who stand against the terrorists and not allow their spirits to be broken. Thank you to those whose eyes are opened and see that war is a last resort and a nations right to self-determination and to defend itself outweighs the demands of the world body to do this or that. That trust between nations can only be obtained through openness and not through artificial lines on map. That this planet is all we have and the resources must be shared among its inhabitants in a way that benefits all.

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