Linda Shares Her Secret

Ron, are you OK.

I am scared sh**less

What can I say?

Am I crazy? Sean my friend,

She is a great girl and all that,

But am I ready for this end?

Ron, I know it is a little scary now,

Embarking on a new life with a new wife,

Can be intimidating and how?

I remember when I proposed to Seina, way back in 78,

I tell you, I was scared my friend,

But I would see her and my fears would evaporate.

I know what you mean

When Linda is around,

She is all that can be seen.

I do love her more than I have ever loved before,

But I can’t help but wonder,

At this point in my life is it marriage I am ready for?

You will see Ron that you are doing right,

Hey barkeep,

Give us a couple of Bud Lights.

Sean, my son, can I get one of those?

I!!! Lord, you sure keep me on my toes.

Ron, this is the Great I AM…you know the light?

Speaking of which, hey Bob, another Bud Light.

I, what brings you by?

Hope bad news isn’t why.

Thanks Bob. Here you go I.

So, what’s the scoop big guy?

Actually, I am here for Ron.

Linda has news that will define,

Your lives from here on.

Accept it and you will do fine.

Glad to meet you I,

Seems I’ve known you for a long time.

I have known you, my son, since the womb,

And will until you enter the tomb.

You are doing much good with your time,

But there is more to be done before you are mine.


Linda, how are you with this?

Ron is so sweet, I was expecting it.

I didn’t think he would ask so soon,

When he did, I almost swooned.

Have you made any wedding plans?

Did you have plans in mind?

I would elope with this man,

But it wouldn’t be fair to his family or mine.

I would want you for my maid of honor if you will,

I know if my dad were alive he would be thrilled.

If you would like, I could ask Sean to give you away.

I don’t know, what do you think he would say?

“As much trouble as she has been to me,

I will be happy when she is not free.”

That is funny, you do it so well.

I have had a lot of practice, can’t you tell?

Linda, this is going to be so great,

I am so happy for you

I can hardly wait.

We can’t wait too long for there is something

I didn’t tell,

What is it Linda?

I didn’t want to pressure him,

But I am pregnant as well.


You’re not!

How? When? This is going to be hot.

Best I can guess

It was that weekend in Aspen,

God, I have made such a mess.

Now, now. Don’t go getting your drawers in a knot,

Don’t sell Ron short,

That is one heck of a nice man you got.

How far along? Did the doctors say?

They said about six weeks and that would be Aspen to the day.

Have you thought of a way to tell him yet?

The look on his face will be priceless,

On that you can bet.

Seina you are terrible, this won’t be an easy task,

You think maybe Sean would tell him,

Do you think it would hurt to ask?

LINDA, you can’t be serious?

That isn’t fair to him or Ron,

I am sure Ron would be furious.

I know, I know, but I don’t want to lose the big lug,

And this time I don’t think I will be able to get off,

With just a kiss and a big hug.

Girls you must promise to keep this under your hat,

This will be our secret,

So let's make a pact.

Join pinkies and repeat after me,

'I promise to not say a word,

About what I have heard,

on my honor as a good Do Be.”


Hi, is Sean Costickson there?


That’s me, Bob, I will take the call.

This is Sean. Can I help y’all?

Smarty pants, you two need to come back now,

We have the books to browse,

Be ready for Ron to have a cow.

What is wrong, tell me dear.

I can’t tell you. Don’t

say nothing to Ron,

Just hurry up and get here.

Ron the girls are home and told me to get there post haste,

Seems they have found some ideas

That meets their tastes.

Bob, can you put this on my Bill?

Sure Doc. Pay me now with green and I will.

Here Sean. Let me get this.

Okay Ron, if you insist.

I, glad you dropped by to see me

Always leaves me with a mystery.

Yes, time for you two to go along

The girls await you at home.

I will be keeping my eyes on you two,

I still have a lot for you two to do.

Thank you Ron for the beer,

If Mother Mary comes looking,

I was never here.

You know, Sean, that I isn’t anything like

I thought he would be.

Yeah, I know what you mean,

He is pretty earthy.





Guess what Ms. Linda said while we were gone?

LEANNE! You promised not to tell.

Mom, you meant daddy as well?

Yes dear, you were to let Ms. Linda tell the news.

That is what you were to do.

Linda, what is this all about?

Come on honey, spit it out.

Oh, Ron, I have been bad.

Keeping this from you made me sad,

But I am just going to say it…”DAD”.

You mean?...Are you saying?...I am going to be?

Yes my dear man, you are going to be a daddy.

Oh Linda. How? When? How long have you known?

I am not sure, but I think it was that weekend we were off on our own.

Why didn’t you tell me back then?

I didn’t want to pressure you into marrying.

Oh Linda, you silly little munchkin

Nothing could ever keep me from marrying

This woman I have come to love

Even more so with this blessing from above.

You complete me like I have never been before,

Your love is what I now live for.

This time, I am asking you:

Marry me. You only have to say “I do”.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the rest of the saga, visit This is part of a continuing poetic soap opera started by Judy Costea (snowmansmom) and myself.
Hope you enjoy. Pardon me for taking part of 'Linda has a secret' and posting it as part of this one, I would have liked to rewrite that poem, but in the interest of time I went this way.

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