Last Kiss


Riding my cycle one day

A car pulled across my way

From my bike I was thrown,

I wished I had my helmet on.

I remember flying through space.

And landing on my face

Had I had my helmet on,

My casket could have been open.

If only I had not been remiss,

I would have had a face to kiss.

My mom could have seen her baby boy one more time,

Oh how I thought, “I would be fine”.

Now they take me to my final rest,

The women that I loved best,

Cannot gaze on this pulpy mess.

I see too late I was a fool,

Thinking a helmet wasn’t cool.

Wearing a helmet, not a day would I miss,

If knowing when it came to this,

Mom and my sweetheart could give me that last kiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The difference between wearing a motorcycle helmet and not wearing one, is whether or not you have an open casket funeral.

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