For Mudder's Day


There ain’t no mothers

Without us dads,

Where dads can be real mothers

When they are really bad.

We give the mother’s their day,

What is one, when we get the rest anyway.

On your special day, hope you don’t tire,

Cause tomorrow, we need some logs for the fire.

No use you going to groom and preen,

Just get messed up when you cook and clean.

I tolt you I loved you whenst I gived you that ring,

If I change my mind, I’ll tolt you first t’ing.

You just kick back and relax,

For Mudder’s day I gots you this new ax.

Now don’t get your drawers in a knot,

Put that down…you gona do what?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just funnin'.

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