Linda has a Secret

Ron, Linda congratulations to you both,

Now that he has accepted your proposal,

It is time to set a date for your troth.

Linda I am so happy for you two,

I never would have dreamed

That I would even like you.

I always feared you were after Sean,

But now I can breathe easy,

Now that you are marrying Ron.

I can’t blame you,

Sean looked good over there,

You only would do what I would do.

Ron, my man, have a date in mind?

I don’t know? Darlin’ how about Christmas Time?

Combining a Christmas present with an Anniversary

You won’t get off that easy,

How about New Years Day,

Easy to remember, and it is a Holiday.

Linda, this is so exciting,

I am trying to contain myself

I am trying.

Linda, all the best,

Next, you will need to pick out a dress,

Rings to buy,

Caterers to try,

Pick out invitations,

God it is easier to build nations.

You said it Sean,

But these girls I am sure can,

I think I need a cold one.

Girls, I am taking Ron down to the corner bar,

Care to join us, no need to dress,

You can come as you are.

You boys run along and find a booth,

Linda and I will pick up wedding books,

To show you.


Ron, are you OK.

I am scared sh**less

What can I say?

Am I crazy? Sean my friend,

She is a great girl and all that,

But am I ready for this end?

Ron, I know it is a little scary now,

Embarking on a new life with a new wife,

Can be intimidating and how?

I remember when I proposed to Seina, way back in 78,

I tell you, I was scared my friend,

But I would see her and my fears would evaporate.

I know what you mean

When Linda is around,

She is all that can be seen.

I do love her more that I have ever loved before,

But I can’t help but wonder,

At this point in my life is it marriage I am ready for?

You will see Ron that you are doing right,

Hey barkeep,

Give us a couple of Bud Lights.


Linda this is going to be so great,

I am so happy for you,

I can hardly wait.

We can’t wait to long for there is something

I didn’t tell.

What is it Linda?

I didn’t want to pressure him, but I am pregnant as well.

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