Moms...You Gotta Love'm


She wanders around the house

And wonders where she is at

She tries to conjole it out

We don’t even have a cat.

Everyday she discovers

We have a second sink

You just have to love her

Tho’ her dementia stinks.

We chuckle at her one sock off and one on,

And worry when we have to leave her alone,

Sometimes the shoes aren’t a pair,

Her mind sees a person where there is only a chair.

She is our mom what do you do,

She checks our mailbox and the neighbor’s too.

It makes the wife sour,

When looking for the old girl’s teeth for an hour.

Sometimes she is a pain in the a**,

But we know it won’t last,

Next thing you know she lecturing kids in a chair,

We don’t mind, cause they ain’t really there.

We love her just the same.

Hard as it is at times,

We are glad she came.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my Mother-in-law Sylvia.

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