Getting Right for the New Year

Another year is now past,

Fewer friends than the last.

Many have gone to their eternal rest,

Having passed God’s test.

As I look to the coming year,

I realize

My demise

Is ever near.

I look back over my life,

And give thanks for my

Family, especially my wife.

I realize I could have been better,

Didn’t live according to God’s letter.

I did try to be a loving father and spouse,

To make a home out of what ever house.

To give freely to others in need,

Trying to do a good deed.

But as I near the end,

I still feel empty my friend.

I invite the savior to come in,

But I don’t think he thinks I am ready,

For I am focused to much on sin.

Well Lord, if you are listening here,

I am at the end of my rope,

Forgive me my sins take away my fear,

You are my only hope.

Wash me in your love,

With the blood of the lamb above.

Make me a new man

With your healing hand.

Make this man not just a loving façade,

But the real deal that all can laud.

Mold me like a lump of clay,

That I may be with you on Judgement Day.

Lord, you know my heart,

Please forgive me as this new year starts.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of Carl Prescott who passed away a few days before Christmas. He was 85.  

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