Political Statement for Dec. 7


December seventh, a day that will live in infamy,

It was on this day Americans got a wake up call

About avoiding their responsibility.

The Japanese launched a surprise attack on a pearl,

That would awaken a sleeping giant to the world.

From the ashes the sword of the phoenix rose,

To dominate a war that the enemy chose.

From the deserts of Africa, to Iwo Jima’s shores,

They brought the battle to the enemy’s doors.

Through the air, ground, and sea,

They pounded the enemy.

In the end, our enemies became our friends,

Ascending to powerful nations through proper means.

Those we joined to save in the war,

forgave their debts and more,

Turned there backs to us when we needed them,

But yet we forgive and still call them friend.

I guess that is what the great satan is meant to suffer,

Keep turning the other cheek after saving yours.

Our “friends” say we are in a quagmire,

Don’t see them helping us out after we pulled their fat out of the fire.

To those who served and are serving our country,

Thank you for keeping us free.

To the Japanese, who pulled themselves up to be a major power once more,

I salute you for showing the world what for.

To France who turned their backs,

Don’t call us the next time you are attacked.

To Germany and our Russian Friends

Not the people just the politicians,

History will be your judge in the end.

However, if it were me…I wouldn’t miss,

I would say, “Come on over here and kiss this.”



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is not directed at the general population of any country but at the politicians that either won't do what is right or have lost sight of the greater good. The war on terror is not aimed at a specific nation but at every nation in the world. Any nation that refuses to step up to the plate to combat this enemy where ever he hides or operates must also be viewed as an enemy. The old adage, 'If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.' applies. Terrorism will not be wished away nor can it be bribed or ignored. Its causes and perpetrators must be rooted out and destroyed. Terrorists are not soldiers and are not protected under the Geneva Conventions. They follow no rules of engagement and if we do, we will end up like the British trying to combat the colonials in 1776. This kind of war is a no holds barred donnybrook and to prosecute it in any other way is a sure way to defeat.

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