Fallen Heros


All gave some. Some gave all,

It is our names you see here on this wall.

Over forty-three thousand of us

will answer God’s call on the last day,

To join him in the clouds for the unselfish price we paid.

Young and old alike we gave our best

for our Uncle Sam,

We earned our rest

In the mud and blood in Viet Nam.

Because our government felt it necessary,

They honored us with our own cemetery.

We lie hear with heroes from every war,

Often they ask, “What for”.

For those that wonder I will tell you what for.

Way back there in 1774,

We were fighting for the right of self-determination,

And a King gave in to this fledgling nation.

Back then we were nothing more than European hash,

Cast offs, prisoners, banishments, nothing more than trash.

But, we came together and the block the builders rejected

became the cornerstone of the greatest nation on earth.

Showing the world, that even the lowliest of us, has worth.

We built a nation where all were equal and free,

To worship the God we wished to see.

As with any infant we had our share of mistakes,

Slavery being one, lead to a war between our states.

Many friends buried here tells the story

for they were there,

How brother fought against brother,

Father agin’ son,

‘nd in the end the North won fair and square,

The nation again was one.

There are brothers here that fought at the Alamo,

Some what chased old Pancho down in Mexico.

We have aces from world war one,

That helped pull the French’s fat out of the fire some.

There are those from World War II,

405,399 laid down their lives for you

54,246 more in Korea did too.

You still don’t understand…

Let’s just say it was for the Red, White, and Blue.

It was for, “Oh say can you see?”

It was for every man, woman, and child who breaths free.

It is for the right to worship where you may,

Or not, if that is your way.

It is for the right to have your say,

And in court to have your day.

It is for the right to raise your voice

And when you vote, have more than one choice.

For this, our lives we laid,

For this, the ultimate price was paid.

Another great man hereabouts I see,

Said it best, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”.

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