Here We Go Again

I suppose…damn this mist,

I wish I could remember it.

Your hand is so delicate and soft,

I came in here and was holding it then dozed off.

The flight here was pretty long,

But holding your hand just didn’t feel wrong.

Somehow it just felt right,

I felt I could hold to morning’s light,

But Doctor Vance said I had to leave,

So they could run tests on me.

Oh, one of your letters said you weren’t feeling well,

Are you here for that? Do tell.

They are running tests to find out what is wrong,

Morgan said it wouldn’t take to long.

I am so happy now that you are home,

I believe the stress was what is wrong.

Doctor Vance said I was a doctor too,

Do you know if that is true?

Yes my love, and a good one also,

You don’t remember? Of course, No.

Don’t worry Sean, it will all come back,

I am sure of that.

But we will be here for you each step of the way.

So don’t force it, take it day-by-day.

Are you well enough to get something to eat,

I think the cafeteria is open, or do you need to sleep?

Mr. Costickson.  Are you asking me out for a date?

Well, Mrs. Costickson, I guess I am, if it is not too late?

You wait right here,

I will send my folks home,

And snag you a chair.

Sean…Don’t be gone long.

For another kiss, I will go on winged feet.

I don’t want to be parted for another heartbeat.

MMMmmm, that was toooooooooooo,

Is there room in that bed for me and you?

Get out of here silly boy,

You should not with my emotions toy.

Tell you mom and dad good bye,

Then back to me fly.

That will give me a chance to brush my hair.

It is beautiful the way it is, I don’t care.


How did it go son?  With Seina I mean?

It went swell, sir, she is real keen.

I know it has been a long day for you two,

And I know I am as tired as you.

Ma’am, thank y’all for coming down,

I hope my memory, soon, comes around.

We understand son, you get some rest,

The doctor said that is what you need and they know best.

Sir, y’all drive safely, Seina is feeling better too,

And she sends her love to you.

So until the morrow, then,

I think I could sleep at least until ten.

Night son, it is good to have you home,

We will go now, so, so long.


Captain Costickson?

Yes? May I help you sir?

I am Colonel Berg.

You are to accompany me back to the base,

Tonight? I just got to this place.

I am sorry Captain, orders are orders.

Can I say goodbye to my wife who is across the corridor.

I am sorry Captain, that won’t be possible,

My orders are to bring you directly from the hospital.

The doctors said you can go,

Suck it up son you can leave a message for her at the nurses station though.

I want to know what this is about,

Captain, it isn’t your position to question,

Now move out.

Oh God, I can’t go through this again,

I don’t believe this is happening.

Believe it Captain, war is hell,

There have been developments with friends you know well.

Who? I mean, I don’t remember more than a few.

Son, that is all you need for what we need of you.

What is going on, I need to know,

Not right now Captain, You will as time goes.

I won’t be leaving the country, will I?

You will go where you are sent, I won’t deny.

No, this isn’t fair.

Personally Captain, I don’t care.

You have a job to do,

And your country is calling you.

Sir, I know, but this just ain’t right,

I have been in-country for only a night.

If there was any other way, I let you slide,

But this is a presidential ride.

What are you telling me?

Son, they are pinning a medal on you, don’t you see?

My God!  They can stick that medal where the sun don’t shine,

I don’t want to leave my wife behind.

Don’t worry son, she will be there too,

She is the one getting the medal…not you.

For the food drives and aid she has sent,

She is getting the Medal of Freedom from the president.

I was just kidding, you will get one too,

But we need to get a dress uniform fitted for you.

The boss, wants us to put on a good show,

Then he is sending you two, on the road,

To lecture on what you do.

You mean, we will be together again,

That is what I am telling you Captain Costickson.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem that was written for the Letter's Home saga that would have caused rewrites and the course the saga would take so never made it to the final.  This particular piece would go just as Sean and Seina are getting ready to sneak out to the diner.  See the whole story at

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