351 Days to Go

Dear Seina,

We lost a mail truck yesterday,

It was hit by a roadside bomb,

And the mail waa all over the place.

We picked up all that we could find,

For we knew those dog faces

Wanted to hear from those left behind.

I am so glad I found your letter,

I have settled down a bit,

I feel a little better.

I have worried about that old clunker,

Take the money from the bank and buy a new one.

INCOMING!!!! Everyone to the bunker.

I am okay babe,

Just a normal occurrence

Happens every day.

Tell Leanne, daddy heard about that boo-boo,

And daddy said he would blow a kiss to you.

I feel so sorry for the average man on the street,

For very few have enough to eat.

It is the little ones, that break my heart so,

Gaunt little bodies and it seems, no hope.

I save rations and try to share,

I want them to know,

We really do care.

Tell our moms and dads,

I send my love,

Tell them that not all these people are bad,

Once they know what we are made of.

Tell Mary, I am sorry to hear about Fred,

The two men I dragged to safety,

They are also dead.

One had a daughter about Lilly’s age,

He had never met her,

He was sent here with the first wave.

The other…we were the only family he had.

The men in the squad took it bad.

The losses don’t get any easier to take,

But is the cost of freedom we are willing to pay.

Enough talk about work, I miss you so,

This is a place even my friend God won’t go.

May have to talk with him later tonight,

Ask him if we are doing right?

I guess he knows best,

Maybe this is just one more test.

Anyway, your letters, are my sanity,

So please, please don’t stop writing to me.

So many here get those Dear John letters

Go out of their heads,

Then they go out do something stupid

And end up dead.

Enemy assisted suicide,

All for the sake of lost love,

They died.

Seina, I can’t live without you,

Please, be brave, whatever you do.

I will come back if it is God’s will,

I don’t care, who I have to kill.

I will be there, to hold you.

I will be there, to kiss you.

I will be there, to fulfill your wildest passion.

Just hold me in your heart,

Love Sean

P.S. Big hug to you, Lacie, Leanne, and Lilly.

351 days and I will be free.

P.S.S. What would you say,

If I told you,

Our embedded reporter is none other than...

Linda Lieaday.

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