No, My Love Was Not a Lie


How do I feel,

About this blessed event,

It seems so unreal,

We did everything to prevent.

I am neither happy nor sad,

I have never been a father before,

What if I am bad?

Am I up to the chore?

I do love you,

But I just don’t know.

Do you have doubts too?

Does my shock show?

I thought we had agreed to wait,

With my new job and this boss,

Are we tempting fate,

If the job doesn’t work out

Could we handle that loss.

We won’t be as free as we used to be,

You will have to take care of the baby,

And won’t have time for me,

Jealousy…I don’t know…could be.

We won’t be able

To make love on the kitchen table.

Or run through the house here and there,

Naked or in our underwear.

Will it come with an owner’s manual,

Or some kind of book,

To give me some reference in which I can look,

Like the book we got with our spaniel?

No, I won’t walk away from you,

It will take some time to get used to the idea,

That it is no longer just us two.

I won’t you to know,

I am scared as all get out,

Being responsible for a wee life so,

But this is what it is about.

Help me

Guide me

Bear with me,

Love me.

I will adjust.

For you and our child

I know I must.

We can do this

I know we can,

There is no greater love for you,

Than hath this man.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Answer to Snowmansmom's 'Was Your Love a Lie From the Beginning' Here we go again...maybe  

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