245 Days to Go

Dear Seina, my darling little girls,

I am writing you all this letter,

Just to let you know, I am feeling better.

Had a little talk with God and he helped me to understand,

While the sarge was a good man,

He didn’t fit in with his plan.

I asked what his plan might be,

But like always, he said, I would have to wait and see.

The sarge was there to fulfill his destiny,

And that, was to save me.

So, I am not to grieve his loss,

Like him, he paid the price, he knew the cost.

We turn out today to see them take his body home,

We saluted bravely as his flag draped casket was carried on.

As the casket passed by,

You couldn’t find a dry eye.

The children were sobbing and Linda too,

As we said our goodbyes and bid him adieu.

His replacement is due in the next day or so,

There is another mission, we will see how it goes.

I thank you my love for being there,

It means so much that you care.

You and God are the only ones I can confide,

I am so sorry to put you all through this,

It could have just as well been me that died.


Well the new sergeant has been here a few days,

And I have to admit, he is good in many ways.

He has talked to locals to do his bid,

For everyone to lay down their weapons,

And put on a carnival for the kids.

A couple of dunking booths for the adversaries,

With the money raised buying the kids the necessaries.

Pony rides, and clowns too,

There isn’t anything this guy can’t do.

I believe he could sell ice to Eskimos,

I would never believe anyone could have got a cease fire,

Just for a kid’s show.

He did it, and I am impressed,

With the money raised, we can get beds,

And medical supplies, so wounds can be dressed.

Maybe the enemy will see we aren’t that bad,

And that we want peace as much as they,

And just as bad.

A few have come up to me and asked, “Why do I care.”

I just point at the smiles on those chilren’s faces,

“I have little ones the ages of those there.”

Children speak the universal language of love and wonder,

No matter how high or low under,

They all should have the right to grow up free,

Of war, pestilence, hunger, and fear of death on the street.

They all should be allowed to be children,

To survive without fear,

To have someone love them.

I don’t know if it made any difference,

But they know that we are more alike,

Than we are different.

We all love our children and want the best for them.

We want them to grow up strong with all their limbs.

We want the world to be safe where they can grow,

Without death and destruction, you know?

Our children’s home is about complete,

I am so proud of the men for this feat.

The town elders are amazed too,

Of all the things that together we do.

Even our enemy has mellowed a bit,

And we chat under a flag of truce about it.

Perhaps a greater understanding may be had by all,

If we will just listen, to each other’s call.

Well hon, I will close,

God knows I miss you so.

This new sarge will take a lot off of me,

Maybe, just Maybe, I will make it home for my babies.

All my love to you and the girls,

You all continue to be my whole world.

Oh, I heard they may let our taxes slide,

Til I get back and then file.

If you want to file at the end of Mar,

When you get the return, trade in the car.

I worry about you being on the go,

As it transports some very important cargo.

I know you would rather wait for me,

But if you will trade it in, it will be one less worry.

I am sure dad will go with you and get you a good deal,

He da man, when it comes to wheels.

Here are a couple of pics of the whole crew,

In front of our children’s home, some view?

If you all could send us some seeds,

We will plant a garden for our children to feed.

Besides, a few vegetables will look better than weeds.

That new sarge is really swell,

Somehow, he came up with a pump,

And sunk a well,

I asked and he just said, “I don’t want to know”.

I didn’t press, I just let it go.

I may get a week of R&R in June or July,

If your folks can keep the girls,

We could meet in Ramstein or at least try.

Well, got to go,

Here comes the post.

Hon I love you…you are the most.


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