320 Days to Go

My Dear Love Seina,

I have spoken with Linda

She is a real pip.

She has taken charge kinda

And is running our charity ship.

Our sector has been relatively quiet

Don’t know if it is because of the kids,

But they keep us away from the fight.

Seems a guardian angel is looking after us,

Somehow the Sergeant found an old bus.

New we can bus our kids to school,

He knows I know and am no fool.

God I wish you all were here,

I love these people,

In all of this,

They are of good cheer.

We had to be second line of defense,

While our Iraqi friends went to vote.

Everyone it seems is filled with hope.

In our camp, spirits are high,

The kids keeps us hoppin’

Making the time fly.

At night we have prayer,

Then Linda reads a bed time story

From the bible and the Koran

For God’s Glory.

We are trying to create

A home like atmosphere,

With brother and sisters,

And us as parents here.

The kids are adapting,

Seems I always have,

One on my lap,

The locals are amazed at our compassion,

Amid all this crap.

I’m sorry hon,

I am boring you,

But I must keep busy,

So I don’t get blue.

You three will always be,

Number one here with me.

J.T. says to tell Leanne hi,

He saw her picture and thinks she is nice.

Abu says he thinks Lacey is cute,

And if she were here,

He would play her to sleep with his lute.

Well hon, it is that time again,

I have to close, to get this in.

All my love to you and the family,

I’ll send you pics of the brood,

Soon as I can get them in one place,

And I have time free.

Love always my sweet,


P.S. Please send children's clothes ages four to fourteen,

Both boys and girls clothes are really needed.

Books for our school would be nice,

along with shampoos and meds for lice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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