The Trawler

Now I lay me down to sleep,

Oh, hi lord, I was just praying

For my soul you to keep.

Thank you for saving me,

It had to be you that plucked me from the sea.

Yes, I am on the mend,

Making a bunch of new friends.

Yes, I see you sitting there,

I don’t think I am crazy,

If so, I don’t care.

My soul you did save,

And my body from a watery grave.

Sorry, I can’t offer you a beer,

My new friends frown on it here.

This boat is appropriately named,

the harvest moon,

You harvested my soul,

And I will see my family soon.

Thank you, I will not let you down,

Never again will I run around.

My God and family will take first place,

And I will stay out of that rat race.

I would like to stay,

But it is time for my shift,

Lent is going to be hard,

Cause after this,

I don’t think I could look at another fish.

It has been hard to make them understand,

That I have to get to Hawaii

And not to their land,

But it looks like,

I will be going to Japan.

Oh, no. Far be it for me to complain,

Even when we are working in the rain,

It is the smell that gets to me,

And no one understands when I speak.

Yes, I know you do lord,

And I appreciate that,

But talking to you,

I have to keep under my hat.

Well, see you later

Got to go haul in some nets,

Hope those clothes there dry,

Cause these will be soaking wet.

If it wouldn’t be to much trouble,

Can you take a message for me,

Tell my wife and babies to not lose faith,

I wasn’t lost at sea.

Thank you lord,

I have to go,

Your will be done,

The beer is in my locker there below.

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