Answer to The Way We Were

I don’t think either of us will forget,

But you can rest your mind,

For it is now a sure bet,

From now on, I will walk the line.

I know it will take time,

But for me the lesson learned,

Will keep me in line,

As on my memory it is burned.

It is funny that when she was in my arms,

I could only picture you

Then I thought of all the harm,

This little fling would do.

So many times I wanted to tell,

But the words would not come,

Now I am sorry as hell,

You found out from someone.

If I knew then the anguish I would feel now,

I would not stray,

This I vow.

I brought you some coffee,

And breakfast in bed,

It just a token you see,

To get back to love as you said.

We can make it through this,

I believe our love will overcome,

We will look back on this tryst,

As a turning point to triumph.

We may never make it back to what we had,

But maybe take our love higher,

And that would not be bad.

I promise on all I hold dear,

That your heart will need not fear.

To you, I will be forever true,

For now I know, there is no other that could love me as you do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Response to snowmansmom's 'The Way We Were'. The saga continues.  

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