To Jody II

Love of my Life

She rises in the morning

To put on the coffee pot.

Standing in her PJs

God I think she is hot.

For almost thirty-nine years,

It has been the same,

And somehow her sexiness,

Never seems to wane.

I take her in my loving arms

And give her a big squeeze,

She responds, “Not now Huck,

The moms may come down. Please!”

“Don’t really care,” says I,

“For my love that they may see,

Just how much I love you

How much you mean to me.”

Then she gives me a little kiss,

I move to my chair,

She pours me my cereal, adds milk,

Then brings it and coffee to me there.

We chat a little, and watch the news,

And plan our day,

Now I am off to the showers,

To be on my way.

One more kiss, then out the door,

Think of her all the day long,

The whistle blows, the day is o’er,

It is back to her at home.

Walk in the door and she is waiting

To give me a squeeze,

I pretend to get frisky, then she pulls away,

Pretending to tease.

Our moms are bewildered at our little dance,

But I would never ever miss the chance,

To tell her, she stole my heart so long ago,

Forever, plus one day, I promise to remain her beau.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my loving wife, just because.

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