Save the Battle Flag


There is a big flap over the Confederate Battle Flag,

Popularly displayed here in the south.

A few liberal politicians and a bunch of drags,

Got to shooting off their mouths.

States whose flags proudly flew,

Bowed to these people that said, “It offends me.”

“Tough,” I say, “Leave if you want too,

Cause that flag is part of our history.”

Now don’t get me wrong,

Peace, Freedom, and equality is my thing,

Forget our history it won’t be long,

We will be doing it all again.

It is good to keep those reminders

For all the folks to see,

So we don’t go through life with blinders,

For that flag reminds you and me.

If you are ashamed your ancestor allowed themselves to be a slave,

That is a good thing,

If you are ashamed your ancestor had slaves

That too is a good thing.

But we want to hide that shame so as to forget,

I say keep it out in the open so we don’t forget.

The battle flag has come to symbolize,

A white supremacy pack of lies.

The battle flag was carried by honorable men,

Not today’s bunch of ruffians.

The old south had that air of chivalry

But there are those that had not the civility

And it was those that tainted and inflamed,

Northern sentiment and the shame.

So don’t blame the flag for your woes,

On the racists, klansmen, is where it goes.

Don’t banish our historical flag,

That would be really bad.

Your past is a foundation

Upon which to build.

Adversity built our nation,

But this challenge you would kill.

So keep the flag

Less we forget,

That here in the old USA

We ain’t perfect.

We try, we stumble and fall,

But the true character of a nation,

Is that it can rise above it all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are those that don't want to be denied their place in history, but yet, the Confederate Battle Flag is a part of our history that we should never forget. We shouldn't use it as a crutch to say how bad this person is or that, but look at it for the pain and suffering it caused on both sides.  I may not be black and  you can say I don't understand, but all that is in the past.  Unfortunately there are still those pinheads, black and white, that can't get past the racial thing or want to use the past as an excuse for their failures.  It is just a flag, a ghost of the past, it can beckon you as a reminder of our failings as a nation, or trap you in the hostility of the past.  It is just a piece of cloth that had meaning in our dark past, but is just a piece of cloth to remind us...just like a photograph of the relative we aren't real proud of.

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